Ana is an Artist, Designer, Stylist and Art Director, best known for her detailed, cosy, raw and expressive interiors and also special objects collections for home. She works in many different levels, mixing different techniques like illustration, ceramics, textiles, lightning, furniture, wallpapers and so much more. She´s the founder and creative director of AnaBananaDesignCo.

Born in Portugal, Ana traveled during her studies and freelancer work – and now she lives in the portuguese coast between beautiful beaches and countryside.

She is graduated from Istituto Marangoni, in Milan – Italy, and was invited by the course director to work with, on styling projects and art direction. She had an amazing time in Milan that inspired her to launched this beautiful project – from her country to the world!

Today Ana works with a variety of clients in interiors, styling, graphic and product design, illustration, scenography, window displays, tableware design and art direction. Her work is a mix of raw eco materials with a touch of romanticism, nature inspiration and the use of all colors of the rainbow.

When asked about her influences, Ana sites an early childhood fascination with the natural world, animals, and minerals. She spent a lot of time observing and playing in nature in the forest near home. When Ana travels she can be found exploring the museums, libraries, and flea markets of the world. Literature, Art books, Cinema, both old and new, also inspire her. Her world is nurtured by the creativity of various artists, classic and contemporaneous.

Her creations are unique works of art that become Emotional Design, like: furniture, lamps, tableware, rugs, armchairs, wallpaper, cushions, etc. Additionally Ana works for hotels, restaurants, and brands, where she creates interiors, displays and window art on site, branding, illustrations, concepts, art direction, etc. Ana loves her job of creating and specially collaborations with other brands and artists.

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